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“For decades, I experienced chronic lower back pain, which varied in intensity and was always accompanied by morning stiffness.  I gave up over the counter and prescription pain medications because of the long term side effects.  After a series of Bowen sessions with Linda Steves and regular Bowen stretches, not only am I pain free, but the morning stiffness is gone.  Relaxation and calmness occur after each session, which I find are an added benefit for reducing stress.”
Bill T, North Scituate, RI


“By the time I began my first Bowen session with Linda, I’d been experiencing chronic back  pain for 20 years, perhaps due, in part, to a slight scoliosis.  I had also developed a chronic pain in my hip, and my pelvis was lopsided.  After 1-1/2 years of twice-weekly chiropractic  treatments for the hip (and throughout the years for my back) with no relief, the pain was resolved completely within 6 weeks of treating with Linda, and my pelvis was much more level.

I experienced Bowen as a gentle, subtle release over time, which led to the healing of those raw edges of emotional trauma stored deeply in my body.  I am calmer now and experience less physical tension overall.  There was a moment when I was walking in the market and realized I was moving differently, with a sense of ease I’d never experienced before.

Linda is a beautifully compassionate and respectful capable practitioner of this wonderful body work.”
                                                                                                          - S.O.,  Providence,RI


“My 3-year old son was having trouble breathing at night.  I assumed that it had something to do with his mouth, or throat architecture, so I took him to an ENT specialist.  The doctor told me that my son had a “small” throat opening, and that the standard “treatment” was a tonsillectomy.  He also told me that there was a good chance that the tonsillectomy would not actually fix the problem – and that he would continue to have trouble breathing at night after the operation and the subsequent healing process.  It was troubling to me to consider subjecting my son to such an invasive surgery – when it was not even clear (or even likely!) that it would be successful.  I happened to mention our situation to Linda – who told me that she was having success with Bowenwork in treating adults with sleep-apnea/snoring issues.  It seemed like it was worth a try – since the procedure is completely non-invasive, and because Linda has such a gentle way with everyone, and with children in particular.   Even though none of us were expecting to see (or hear!!) results after just the first session – there was noticeable improvement (i.e. much less labored breathing) the day after his first visit.  My husband and I were amazed!

His Bowenwork continued for the next several weeks – with a continued noticeable improvement.  We have gone back for a subsequent 3 week “tune-up” after the original set, but the work has clearly had long-term benefits.

My son really enjoys his visits – and looks forward to his periodic tune-ups.  His Bowenwork therapy has been an amazingly positive experience for our whole family.”

                                                                                                          -J.R.,  Providence, RI


“My lower back has been a problem for years, and visits to various chiropractors have offered only temporary relief.  Linda’s total body approach with the Bowen technique has produced excellent results for me.  I can recommend Linda as a skilled, dedicated, and compassionate professional who has helped me improve the quality of my life.”
O.C.,  Rumford, RI

            “I am a 38 year old male.  My condition began at approximately 18 years of age.  My condition does not have a name, according to my own researching.  To describe this situation simply:  my entire body, muscles in particular, feel extremely tight.  My leg muscles seem to be affected most.  I will explain my condition with two examples.
            Example #1:  When I bend down, like a catcher does in baseball, my thighs, especially my quadriceps, feel like they are so tight that they are going to rip, like a piece of fabric pulled beyond its capacity.
            Example #2:  When I am descending down stairs, my calf muscles feel so tight, it feels like they could shatter like glass at any moment.  I have to tip-toe down stairs because it is too painful to move at a regular speed.
            I have tried everything I could over the last two decades to alleviate pain.  I have tried different forms of exercise, followed by various types of stretching.  I have gone through an endless number of doctors, chiropractors, and massage therapists.  I have varied my diet, along with trying every over the counter pain reliever on display.  For the most part, really nothing helped.  My situation became depressing, especially knowing that with my age, my condition would probably get worse.  It got to the point that I hated to walk when other people were around.  I was embarrassed.  It felt like I moved like a monster that needed to be lubricated.
            The morning after my first Bowen treatment I knew I had found some help.  I cannot fully explain my results.  I just felt better.  I have felt more comfortable over the past two months, since receiving Bowen treatments, than when I was in my early teens.  Honestly, I don’t know why I feel better, but I don’t care.  I don’t need to question the results.  I’m just thankful I found someone who could help me.”
                                                                                                     -Richard M, Providence, RI